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AQUASMART bathtub for lower limbs



- Hydromassage of lower extremities – 24 nozzles with possibility of aeration with water jets

Key features

  • Comfort seat with swivel mechanism combined with a bath in one structure
  • The internal shape of the bath contributes to the most effective hydromassage of all zones of the lower extremities
  • Economical water consumption
  • Metal handrail for easy placement in the bath
The bath is intended for hydromassage procedures for the lower extremities in resorts, rehabilitation centers, clinics, spa centers, etc.
Courses of water procedures for legs are used to improve the health of the musculoskeletal system, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, reduce stress levels, relieve fatigue, etc.
Technical characteristics:
Maximum volume of the bathtub - 70 l
Useful volume of the bathtub - 60 l
Time of bath filling (water pressure 5 Bar) - 1 min 30 sec
Time of bath draining - 2 min
Drain system - drain valve – Ø 50 mm
Hot and cold water supply - G 3/4"
Voltage - 220 V
Hydromassage motor power - 1,1 kWt
Dimensions (length, width, high) - 1620х820х970 mm
Weight (not more than) - 75 kg
Material of bathtub – fiberglass
- Bathtub with a seat on an aluminum alloy frame with a set of equipment and installed removable panels
- Hydromassage system 24 nozzles
- Metal handrail
- Documentation - Operating instructions, 1 pc.
download "Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity with EMC Requirements"


  • AQUASMART bathtub 109000 UAH
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