equipment from the manufacturer of equipment for hydrotherapy

    equipment from the manufacturer

20 years on the market of equipment for hydrotherapy

    20 years on the market

    maintenance of equipment for hydrotherapy in Ukraine

    service maintenance in Ukraine



    quality control

    quality control

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    choice of color

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"ASTRA-1" balneological bathtub



- balneotherapy baths with aromatic and mineral additives (hyperthermia, mineral, versatile, radon, etc.)
- hydro massage with aeration of water jets (VB-02, VB-04 models)
- aero massage (VB-03, VB-04 models)
- chromo therapy (optional)

Key features

  • Ergonomic shape of the bathtub
  • Special armrests, handles and footrests
  • Convenient controls
  • Protection against "dry" start
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Economical water consumption
  • Modern design and functionality
  • Possibility of individual color selection for the product
Balneological bathtubs are specific equipment for hydrotherapy departments of hospitals, health and rehabilitation centers, sport and leisure institutions. The main purpose of bathtubs is applying balneological and massage procedures, which has a positive impact on thermoregulation system, body’s hardening, normalize the body's reactivity and accelerate the recovery of impaired functions.
Balneological procedures are required in case of the following diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system, neurasthenia, vascular dystonia, skin diseases, lethargic wounds, etc.
Modern balneological baths perform procedures that are more comfortable, using various aromatic and mineral components: radon, hydrogen sulfide, iodine-bromine, sodium chloride, etc...
The design of balneological baths allows you to fill the water with a gas.
Technical characteristics:
Maximum volume of the bathtub - 400 l
Useful volume of the bathtub - 300 l
Time of bath filling (water pressure 5 Bar)- 4 min
Time of bath draining (drainer Ø 75 mm) - 3 min
System of water draining - water plug – Ø 50 - 75 mm
Hot and cold water supply - G 3/4"
Voltage - 220 V
Dimensions (length, width, height)- 2240х975х700 mm
Weight (not more)- 130 kg
Material of bathtub - fiberglass
1. Bath on a frame with panels
2. Hydro massage system 18 nozzles with aeration of water jets (VB-02, VB-04 models)
3. Aero massage system 18 nozzles (VB-03, VB-04 models)
4. Chromo therapy 1 lamp (optional)


  • ASTRA-1 VB-00 76000 UAH
  • ASTRA-1 VB-02 118000 UAH
  • ASTRA-1 VB-03 123000 UAH
  • ASTRA-1 VB-04 164000 UAH
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