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"AQUA OPTIMUM" device for underwater massage



system of underwater massage of high pressure

Key features

  • Autonomy and mobility
  • Ability to adjust pressure of massage jet
  • Case made of durable fiberglass over welded corrosion resistant aluminum frame
  • Ease of maintenance with removable front panel
  • User friendly control panel
  • Ergonomic handles and pivoting wheels with brakes for easy movement
  • Possibility of individual color selection for the product
The AQUA OPTIMUM is a standalone mobile device designed for applying underwater massage of high-pressure in baths or pools where this option was not originally provided. This equipment can be used in any baths or pools that allows you to place the body comfortably and meet with the safety standards of this procedure. There is a smooth adjustment of the jet stream pressure to make the process more comfortable. The removable front panel provides easy access for maintenance. The ergonomic handles and swivel wheels with brake mechanisms allows you to move the devise easily without hindrance.
Technical characteristics:
Working pressure – 0-4 Bar
Flow intensity – 20-70 l/min
Allowable temperature of the water – up to 40 ⁰C
Voltage rating, frequency - 220 V, 50 Hz
Operating power consumption – 1400 W
Fittings – ¾”
Changing nozzles – 3 pcs
Water intake hose length – 2 m
High pressure hose length – 2,5 m
Dimensions (length, width, height) - 550х750х910 mm
Weight (not more)- 42 kg
Material of device - fiberglass
1. Aqua Optimum device with underwater massage system
2. 2 different nozzles for underwater massage


  • AQUA OPTIMUM device 91700 UAH
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