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- mud therapy with water rinsing, all types of wet procedures: massage, wraps, peeling, masks, stone therapy etc/.
- working zone heating system (optional)
- "VICHY" shower (optional)

Key features

  • Multifunctionality
  • Comfortable hand shower for hygienic cleaning after procedures
  • Possibility to install a heating system for the working area (optional)
  • Can be used together with a special mattress (optional)
  • Special plastic screen to protect patient's face against water splashes during the "VICHY" shower procedure
  • Possibility to control direction of water jets in the "VICHY" shower
  • Automatically supported range of water temperature in the "VICHY" shower
  • Modern design
  • Possibility of individual color selection for the product
TALASSO VICHI couch is designed to all types of wet procedures: mud therapy, wraps, peeling, masks, stone therapy, etc..


Supply of hot and cold water G 1/2“, with system VICHI - G 3/4"
Water drainage Ǿ 50 mm
Dimensions (length/width/height) 2370х985х820 mm
Material of couch body fiberglass

Working zone heating

Maximum heating temperature  36 °С
Supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Heating element voltage 220 V
Heating element power 450 W
Safety grade against electric shock Class 1
Safety grade from environmental exposure IPX5

"VICHY" shower

Hot and cold water supply G 3/4“
Water supply pressure: min/norm/max 1/5/10 Bar
Water consumption 25 l/min
Automatically water temperature keeping in the thermostatic tap 20 °С – 45 °С
Fixation ability of maximum water temperature available
Material of shower system - stainless steel, fiberglass


Name Number,
Couch made of fiberglass with a drain system for water and mud 1 pc.
Shower head for hygienic cleaning of the couch 1 pc.
Adjustable legs 6 pcs.
Technical certificate 1

Additional components

Special waterproof mattress 1 pc.
Heating system for the working area 1 pc.
"VICHY" shower system 10 pcs.
Protective shield for face 1 pc.


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