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"DSH-2" shower installation



Massage with two jets of water under high pressure

Key features

  • Convenient control elements
  • Possibility of individual color selection
Charcot shower is a procedure where two different areas of the body are alternately massaged with two jets of water under high pressure. The procedure got its name thanks to the French neuropathologist Jean Marten Charcot, who invented the device for such showers. The procedure is very popular and produces excellent results: its also used in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, mental and emotional disorders, and helps to get rid of excess weight and cellulite.
Technical characteristics:
Hot and cold water supply – G 1”
Working pressure – 3-4 Bar
Water supply pressure – 4-5 Bar
Quantity of massage jets – 2 pcs.
Water temperature adjustment – 2 independent water channels
Water pressure adjustment - 2 independent water channels
Automatically water temperature keeping in the thermostatic tap – from 20 ⁰C to 45 ⁰C
Dimensions (length, width, high) – 740x870x1030 mm
Weight (not more than) – 36 kg
Material of shower installation body - fiberglass
1. Shower installation with two massage jets


  • DSH-2 shower installation 84000 UAH
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