Acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic Bathtubs

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Acrylic bathtubs are gaining more and more popularity among consumers. In Europe, acrylic now occupies about 90% of the total market baths, almost displacing iron and steel. Bathtubs made of this material can be any shape, color and size, which remove all restrictions in the development of custom designs. Acrylic is very easy to care for, it is hygienic and safe, does not make reaction with the active substances, which are part of shampoos, shower gels and other hygiene products. Acrylic bath has a non-slip surface, which has antiseptic and hygienic properties, it is warm and pleasant to touch. The undeniable advantage is also increased noise protection: noise from pouring water does not increase but is absorbed. Before you buy an acrylic bath, you should definitely pay attention to the quality of acrylic, from which it is made. Quality can only be considered a bath of 100% sanitary acrylic sheet molding. It is also important that the thickness of the sheet, as it affects the reliability and durability of your bath. And, of course, consider the persistent snow white surface, without yellowing and stains. To increase strength of acrylic bathtubs, they are reinforced with glass materials to the outside of the polyester resin. Through this enhancement, bath can withstand any reasonable load. Having bought acrylic bathtub, follow the rules of care for acrylic surface, recommended by the manufacturer, and bath for many years will be pleasing the eye by smooth white surface. Those who can afford an extra level of comfort, will appreciate the advantages of whirlepool systems that can be easily mounted in acrylic baths. Jets of water with air bubbles gently envelop the body, or vice versa intense massage problem areas. The invention of the Italian company Jacuzzi is now available at an affordable price. Hot packaging system can be selected from standard offerings, or to order an individual set to fit your needs and tastes. Acrylic bathtub at a low price! Acrylic bathtub - the best choice for those who appreciate the convenience and comfort. Price from the manufacturer will certainly please our customers, and the quality and design of products will be pleasing to the eye for many years.