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    equipment from the manufacturer

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    20 years on the market

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- balneotherapy baths with aromatic and mineral additives: hyperthermia, mineral, versatile, radon, etc.
- hydromassage with water jets aeration option
- air massage
- chromotherapy (option)

Key features

  • Ergonomic shape of the bathtub
  • Special armrests, handles and footrests
  • Convenient controls
  • Protection against "dry" start
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Economical water consumption
  • Modern design and functionality
  • Possibility of individual color selection for the product


Balneotherapy is carried out in illnesses and injuries of musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system, neurasthenia, vascular dystonia, skin diseases, sluggishly granulating wounds, etc.
Model is designed to carry out spa and therapeutic treatments, train thermoregulation system, normalize reactivity of human body, functional state of its basic systems, accelerate recovery of lost functions.
To enhance the effectiveness of treatments, the bathtubs can be additionally equipped with systems of hydro- and air massage, chromotherapy
VULKAN bathtub is intended for use in hydrotherapy departments in hospitals, health centers, rehabilitation facilities, sports and recreation centers.
Bathtub volume - 300 l
Useful tub volume – 200 l
Bathtub filling time (at a pressure of 5 Bar in water supply system) - 4 min
Time of water draining from the bathtub (with drainer of Ǿ 75)- 4 min
Drain system - drain plug - Ǿ 50 - 75 мм, on request
Supply of hot and cold water - G 3/4"
Voltage - 220 V
Degree of protection against electric shock - Class 1
Degree of protection from environmental influences - IPX5
Overall dimensions (length/width/height)- 2050х870х790 mm
Weight (max.) - 120 kg
Bathtub case material - fiberglass
1. Bathtub on a aluminum frame with a set of equipment and installed removable panels
2. Hydromassage system in the models VB-02 (18 jets) and VB-04 (18 jets)
3. Airmassage system in the models VB-03 (18 jets) and VB-04 (18 jets)
4. Chromotherapy system (optional) - 1 lamp, 37 LEDs
5. Technical certificate - 1 pcs.
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