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VOLNA medical bathtub



- Hydromassage
- Chromotherapy (optional)

Key features

  • The internal configuration of the bathtub has a form of anatomical semi chaise long that follows body contours with rests for hands, feet and head
  • 50 nozzles located in the most important body areas provide high-performance procedures
  • Possibility to control massage intensity
  • Convenient controls
  • Possibility of UV disinfection without chemicals
  • 14 chromotherapy modes, automatic switching of 4 colors, with option to fix a desired shade
  • System for water thermal stabilization
  • Automatic water drain with electric drive
  • Protection against "dry" start
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Modern design and functionality
  • Possibility of individual color selection for the product


Balneotherapy is carried out in illnesses and injuries of musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system, neurasthenia, vascular dystonia, skin diseases, sluggishly granulating wounds, etc.
Hydromassage system provides a comprehensive body massage. Depending on the temperature and intensity of the massage is achieved relaxing or tonic effect of the procedure.
Chromotherapy is successfully used for treatment and prevention of insomnia, depression and stress, nervous disorders, problems in functioning of digestive system, cardiovascular and blood systems, etc.
VOLNA bathtub is intended for use in hydrotherapy departments in hospitals, health centers, rehabilitation facilities, sports and recreation centers.
Bathtub volume - 450 l
Useful tub volume - 420 l
Bathtub filling time (at a pressure of 5 Bar in water supply system) - 10 min
Automatically supported range of water temperature in thermostatic regulator valve - From 20° C to 45 °C
Time of water draining from the bathtub - 6 min
Automatic drain with electric drive - Ǿ 50 - 75 mm, on request
Supply of hot and cold water - G 1"
Voltage - 220 V
Degree of protection from environmental influences - Class 1
Degree of protection from environmental influences - IPX5
Overall dimensions (length/width/height) - 2330х1180х850 mm
Weight (max.) - 170 kg
Bathtub case material - fiberglass
1. Bathtub on a aluminum frame with a set of equipment and installed removable panels
2. Hydromassage system - 50 jets
3. Chromotherapy system - 14 modes, automatic switching to 4 colors, ability of fixing the color
4. UV disinfection
5. System of thermostabilization during filling
6. Technical certificate - 1 pcs.
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