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DSh-2 LUX shower pulpit



- massage with water jets supplied from two independent channels
- possibility to control operation of circular and up-going shower

Key features

  • possibility to control operation of circular and up-going shower
  • convenient control elements and control of all showers from one panel
  • modern design and functionality
  • possibility of individual color selection for the product


The product is used for massage treatments for illnesses of peripheral nervous system, vertebral syndromes, metabolic disorders, in order to stimulate adaptive processes of human body, conditioning to cold, correction of excess weight, cellulite.
Thanks to ability to adjust temperature and pressure of supplied water streams, the pulpit provides both Charcot shower and contrast (Scottish) shower.
DSh-2 LUX shower pulpit is intended for use in hydrotherapy departments in hospitals, health centers, rehabilitation facilities, sports and recreation centers.
Supply of hot and cold water - G 1"
Operating pressure - 3-4 Bar
Pressure in supply line - 4-5 Bar
Flow rate (not less than) - 5 m³/h
Number of nozzles - 2 pcs.
Temperature control - 2 independent water channels
Pressure regulation - 4 independent water channels
Automatically supported range of water temperature in thermostatic regulator valve - from 20 °С to 45 °С
Overall dimensions (length/width/height) - 740х890х1120 mm
Shower case material - fiberglass
Weight (max.) - 40 kg
1. DSh-2 LUX shower pulpit - 1 pc.
2. Technical certificate - 1 pc.
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