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- The Charcot shower - massage with water jets that are supplied from two mutually independent channels
- Possibility to control operation of the circular and rising shower (Proxima Lux model)
- - Contrast dousing by the Kneipp method (add. option)


  • - Adjustable temperature and water pressure in each separate massage nozzle
  • Flexible massage nozzles provide easy change of water direction
  • Attachments to massage nozzles that work in two modes: spot concentrated jet/plane jet for spray shower
  • Possibility to limit a maximum water temperature to prevent burns to a patient
  • Comfortable armrests, adjustable height
  • Adjustment of water temperature using thermostatic tap
  • Indicators of temperature and pressure of water jets on the control panel
  • Protective screen against spray with handrail for a patient (add. option)
  • At insufficient pressure in water network, one can install an optional pumping station to increase water pressure supplied to the shower pulpit (add. option)
  • We can match an individual colour for the products

With its ability to regulate temperature and pressure of water flows, the pulpit is destined to carry out a Charcot shower and a contrast (Scottish) shower.
As an additional option we offer equipment for contrast dousing by the Kneipp method.
The Proxima shower pulpits can be also used to operate the installations of circular and ascending showers (Proxima Lux model). For this the control panel of the product has special taps as well as temperature and pressure indicators. Installations for circular and ascending showers are not included to the delivery set, they can be ordered separately.
If the pressure in the water network is insufficient to create a working pressure of 3-4 Bar in massage nozzles, one can install a pump station to the pipeline to increase water pressure (add. option).

Supply of hot and cold water - G 1"
Operational pressure - 3-4 Bar
Pressure in supply pipeline - 4-5 Bar
Number of massage nozzles - 2 pcs.
Temperature regulation - 2 independent water channels
Pressure regulation - 4 independent water channels
Automatically supported range of water temperature with thermostatic regulator - 20 °С to 45 °С
Overall dimensions (length, width, height) - 580х840х1010mm
Shower pulpit case material - fiberglass
Weight, not more – 50kg
1. Shower pulpit PROXIMA Lux/Basic - 1 pc.
2. Passport - 1 шт.
Add. options:
- Shower system for contrast dousing by the Kneipp method
- Protective screen with handrail
Pumping station to increase water pressure in a supply pipeline


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